Our Watercolor Portraits are designed through interactive watercolor styles and painted on cotton paper by our local artists. We had this type of portrait requested as a Christmas gift, wedding gift, and even as a memorable gift for your family members. Folks gallery specially design the Christmas Special styles for you to prepare a unique gift for your loved ones around you!




1. Choose the size and select the number of persons or pets


2. Upload the photo(s) along with your name via our website Chat Box or email to custom@folksgallery.com.au


3. Purchase the painting






We thank you for making it here. Within the following 10 business days, you will receive at least one progress photo via email

Personalised Watercolour Portrait From Photo

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$220.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
  • Item details : 100% Handmade 

    Materials:  Watercolor, Pencil, Cotton paper

    (Frame inclusive)